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 Welcome to the Hospital

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Hospital   Welcome to the Hospital I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 20, 2011 4:06 pm

Welcome to Bedlam Hospital, a comprehensive mental health care system committed to providing a full range of high-quality, cost effective services to our patients and the larger community. Our specialized center deals specifically in the treatment of the recent and wide-spread delusion dubbed "Personification Syndrome", in which the patient is convinced they are the embodiment of a certain place or peoples. These individuals are extremely disturbed, and often afflicted with much more serious underlying psychological disorders.

The Hospital is dedicated to implementing effective means for the treatment and containment of these illnesses. Every member of our experienced, friendly staff is trained and ready to take on any and all cases. Patients will find themselves comfortably housed in our five-story, highly secure complex, equipped with all of the most up-to-date facilities for the treatment of psychiatric disorders.

Our mission is to see that every patient is returned to society healthier, happier, and sound in mind!

Forget everything you've been told; you will never return to society again.

At the turn of the twenty-first century, the public has become increasingly aware that there are people whom have existed among us...for as long as the pages of history turn back. Or, so they say. Naturally, no rationally-thinking person could believe such a laughable claim, and it was generally accepted that it was the ravings of lunatics.

But the raving grew in intensity. Soon, every country had someone claiming to "be" it, or one of it's cities, or a province, or one of it's ethnic groups. The world was being shaken by a mass hysteria. It was quickly decided that those who were spreading such an alarm throughout the public needed to be rooted out, and removed from society. Peace had to be kept. Psychologists have determined that those affected by personification syndrome are already afflicted with any given mental illness--mad people that are easily susceptible to succumbing to a delusional pandemic.

So now you are going to be put away.

What you have been promised (whether you came here voluntarily or not) is exponentially different from the sight you are greeted with, as you pass through the gates that close you off from the world. The Hospital is a grim, decrepit place with no hint of warmth--especially not in the eyes of your keepers. Keep to the straight and narrow if you wish to survive, for misconduct is not taken lightly here. And they have a wealth of punishments at their disposal.

Do you warrant shock therapy? What about the dreaded lobotomy? Are you even really crazy? Many here are. Dangerously so. Some started out that way, and some became that way, after a few months in solitary confinement. But there are just as many whose only quirk is that they personify a place, and that they dared to do so in a world where this is regarded as impossible. So are you really crazy? It doesn't matter; you are now.

So kiss your old world goodbye, for you've left it behind. Will you make the most of your misfortune, and learn to survive among mad people? Or will you risk a fate worse than death on the dream of escaping? Or will you become what you are accused of having become: insane?

Welcome to Bedlam.
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Welcome to the Hospital
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