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 Play them or they'll play you [ Zorzi / Public ]

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Play them or they'll play you [ Zorzi / Public ] Empty
PostSubject: Play them or they'll play you [ Zorzi / Public ]   Play them or they'll play you [ Zorzi / Public ] I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 21, 2011 6:19 pm

The Venetian scowled slightly at himself, gnawing on the end of the pencil he'd been using to 'draw' with. At least, that had been what he said he intended to do with the pencil and paper when he'd finally convinced the orderlies to give him some. Though he'd been given a blunt pencil and one sheet of scrap paper, useful.

Zorzi let out a loud audable sigh, leaning back in the chair he'd found in the corner of the rec room and putting his feet up on the back of a second chair as he glanced over to the other 'patients' huddled around the television. Perhaps it really did rot the mid-- unlikely. Though he didn't watch it himself unless he had something better to do. And besides, he hadn't placed himself in the corner of the room to avoid it them-- on the contrary. He was only here after some failed attempts to converse with some of them and given up at getting any kind of intellegable conversation from them. Disappointing, really.

The yawned, staring at the sheet before him and waiting for some kind of inspiration to hit him, glancing out the window. How exactly had he ended up in here again? Oh yes. He'd had a minor breakdown at realising some of his citizens had decided to host his funeral (he classed it as 'minor' as really he'd just confined himself to his room and been hysteric for a few hours. It was fine after that. . . mostly) and realising they were all leaving him because of those damn tourists. He bagan tapping down quite harshly on the paper with the already blunt pencil as he though, becoming increasingly unhappy. He couldn't get rid of the tourists-- then he'd have no money left. . . It was almost laughable, how he'd gotten himself stuck in a vicious circle like this. And now he was stuck here-- where was here anyway? He'd been unconcious for most of the trip after refusing to come willingly.

And now he was stuck here until he could formulate a plan to escape. At least now a days they didn't think it was caused by demons in your head and that could only be fixed by trepanning-- Not that the labotomy sounded much better. It was something he had every intention of avoiding, though he couldn't say he didn't want to see what side effects it had... on other people, of course. He blinked at realising he'd been absent mindedly feeling up his head, quickly drawing his hand back to the still blank paper.

He stretched out further, deciding to actually start drawing people now since there was nothing else hitting him with inspiration, casually surveying their faces for the ones that looked the weakest-- turning the act of drawing into some kind of hit list for people to 'befriend' so he could use them later if he needed to. Oh... Was that the sort of behaviour that had gotten him put in here in the first place... Not the breakdown? He remembered his best friend calling him deranged because of it, but he heartily disagreed. You have to be cold to get anywhere in business-- Play them or they'll play you. Though now he was just starting to sound overly paranoid.

He paused, a light frown gracing his features for a third time. Perhaps for the moment he should just leave them be... Some of them had gotten quite distressed by how 'friendly' Zorzi was, and did he really want to mess with the mentaly ill like that? He'd see. Perhaps he'd only use them when he needed then-- Sounded fair, to him.

But where was the fun in that? There was none. He laughed again, just deciding to doodle for now and wait to see if any of these people were an actual threat to him before using them to get what he wanted.

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Play them or they'll play you [ Zorzi / Public ]
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