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PostSubject: STRAIGHT UP THUGGIN'   Mon Dec 26, 2011 12:54 am


Piter now sports some criminal tats, to symbolize not only Saint Petersburg being the "Criminal Capital" following Perestroika (the amount of assassinations of government and business elite by the mafia in Piter was outrageous--), but also the imprisonment of many political dissidents and the intelligentsia, during the Great Purges.

I see Piter as having been imprisoned twice: immediately after the October Revolution and overthrow of the Provisional Government, and during the aforementioned purges. I haven't decided yet how long he would have been incarcerated, for each instance. And, of course, I have mentioned his involvement in the mafia; Russian mafia elites really swooped in after the fall of the USSR and started snatching up all of the pieces of the broken economy. They also wormed their way into the government and high-ranking places in business. The gangs in Saint Petersburg were famous for this., and so I see him as becoming one of these people, in an effort to gain back power, by any means.

So anyways, onto decoding the tattoos (which are not mere decorations, in the Russian criminal world, but highly symbolic messages about the wearer). I thought of including more, but decided to keep his relatively simple, though there may be more under that turtleneck, you'll never know:

-Five Dots: (symbolize four watchtowers surrounding a person) "I will not forget prison."
-First Finger 'Ring': condemned by the Soviets
-Middle Finger 'Ring': "otritsala"; a prisoner who doesn't cooperate with the officials (or in Piter's case, anybody, given how obnoxious and contrary he is), often gets sent to solitary and whatnot
-Ring Finger 'Ring': served time in Kresty Prison/"Saint Petersburg Crosses"; where ministers from the Tsarist government, members of the Provisional Government, non-Bolshevik politicians, and intelligentsia were kept
-Pinky Finger 'Ring': "In life, trust only yourself" (lit. "I am an orphan")

Would have done this on Tegs, but I have no time, since I need to get up early tomorrow (going on vacation for a week). :\

P.S. He would have gotten the tattoos after joining the mafia, meaning he'd actually been out of prison for a long time. ...Meaning the main ingredient for the ink was not burnt shoes and urine. :I Rest assured that the higher-ranked/more sophisticated members of the mafia get better and more sanitary tattoo artists. XD
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PostSubject: Re: STRAIGHT UP THUGGIN'   Tue Dec 27, 2011 1:47 pm

Watch as they are the first thing Zorzi asks about-- /SHOT

Such awesome tattoos. B) /touches But I do not blame you for liking them, man, they are so cool. I really like the one on his middle finger. o:

And enjoy yo holiday. B)
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PostSubject: Re: STRAIGHT UP THUGGIN'   Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:30 am

"This one? Oh, it only means that I murdered some people in cold blood--" /SHOT

Thanks, bro-- Man, I have such a fetish for criminal tattoos. (Even though I actually dislike tattoos in real life. :I) I kind of want to get this encyclopedia of Russian prison tats, but I'm afraid, because some are really vulgar. :'[

I can't put the picture up now, because I'm about to go to bed, but I'm working on a design for some other tattoos he'd have under his clothes (read: that no one would ever see). B) I want to put a crosshairs and "МИР" ("peace/the world", but here is an acronym for "shooting [death] will reform me") somewhere between his heart- and shoulder-region. And some kind of rose design on his arm, maybe, since that's the typical initiation tattoo. XD
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PostSubject: Re: STRAIGHT UP THUGGIN'   

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